Home from Home

February 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

‘Home from Home’ is a collaboration between Claire Levy & John Levett.

Claire’s original statement of interest reads: “This is a project based on the idea that I think the area where I live (Crouch End in north London) bears a strong resemblance to the small market town where I grew up in South Gloucestershire. Given that many people who live in London, have come from elsewhere, I’m interested in exploring what it is we look for when we decide to settle into an area and how much our history/upbringing influences those choices. I see the project as a way into exploring the community I live in and how they in turn view their environment.”

Apart from brief ‘passages through’, Crouch End is unexplored territory for me. I took a familiarisation detour on Sunday 14th. February starting from Finsbury Park station on a route that used the ‘boundary roads’ of Stroud Green Road, Crouch Hill, Park Road & Tottenham Lane plus the southern extent limited by Crouch End Hill & Hornsey Lane & the enclosed minor roads.

My intention was to orientate myself within the area looking for foci worth a second glance; find alternative boundaries to the one’s I’d set; notice what took my immediate interests & notice why.

I studied economic & social history decades ago & was fortunate to know HJ Dyos & WG Hoskins at Leicester in 1960s & learnt much of the Victorian city & suburb from walking with them.

I’m not surprised that my passage through Crouch End began in my comfort zone of architecture, building styles & materials, business locations, builders’ plots & infills. I’m also interested in signage as indicators of permanence/impermanence & as economic & social markers.

The following are sample images (08.30 – 14.00 hrs):

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