Collective Memory: Exploring Social & Spatial Possibility,

February 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

This from David Kendall:

Urban Edge 2010: CUCR, Goldsmiths, University of London 

Collective Memory: Exploring Social & Spatial Possibility, Participation or Exclusion 

Saturday 27th February 2010, 10am -5pm

David Kendall (Researcher and Photographer)

Heathrow airport situated within the ‘Green Belt’ to the west of Central London is waiting to undergo spatial expansion. A new runway is proposed and will run parallel to the M4 motorway; the area planned for this redevelopment (which includes the villages of Sipson and Harmonsworth) is geographically small yet its potential future has global significance. London’s status as a Global City is forcing spatial growth of the airport and leaves open questions as to how the social dynamics of these neighbourhoods, which are inserted between the proposed airport extension, could expand or contract. 

The concept of ‘collective or public memory’ could provide an entry point to explore the urban sociology of this location and map social possibility, participation or exclusions. Do factions involved in redevelopment appropriate and create their own versions of the past, present and future, through contesting forms of public memory diverting current spatial debates or events and slowing down or speeding up planning processes in or around the area? Or could this site be considered a landscape that is antagonistic towards collective memory, activating new debates about community cohesion and the potential extension of city-spaces?

This one-day workshop will visit the proposed site and invites participants to explore how suburban-urban landscapes act as fixed or fluid social spaces. Where macro spatial concepts of globalization: land usage, speculative economic development and surveillance fuse with everyday social practices and micro political spaces of ‘memory’, historical conservation, community and environmental activism. The outcome of the workshop will be a series of written propositions and visual materials (maps and photographs) that explore the urban sociology of the site.

One day workshop-walk  £30 (waged) £10 (unwaged), please contact to secure a place.


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