St. Katherine & Shadwell Trust

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This from Jenny Dawes & Brian Daubney …

Jenny Dawes has been Director of St Katharine & Shadwell Trust – The Community Foundation for the City and East End of London, since 1990. Brian Daubney, writer and historian, has worked as a volunteer with the Trust throughout that period 


In 1990, a new East End community foundation was launched with an exhibition of photographs of Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse – the areas in which it was to work.

Today, the Trust makes grants across the East End and City of London – a kaleidoscopic area rich in history and visual imagery – and still resorts to visual images to convey the complexity of the area it serves.

We propose to look at the communities that make up this area, using a framework that can support and encompass a variety of approaches, collaborative and individual.


When John Levett introduced ‘London Villages?’ as the theme for this LIP/CUCR collaboration, it resonated with a perennial problem:

How do we convey the complexity of the area in which we work and explain what we do and why we do it? 

Describing the city in a lecture for London Weekend Television, Peter Ackroyd used the comparison of volcanic and sedimentary layers on layers that sometimes assume underlying repeated profiles even over centuries of change.


1 Built environment


Working out from the fixed points of the City and Tower of London to:

• identify historic villages across the four boroughs of the City of London, Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham, using old maps

• ascertain where there are still physical traces of the villages or other evidence of their history


• trace where village centres have migrated from their original location

• look at the built environment to determine where new village-type centres and communities have been created

The Area

Four boroughs: City of London, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets

The area is home to almost 700,000 people speaking more than 70 languages. Their numbers swelled every day by hundreds of thousands of people passing through the area, commuters and tourists arriving by road, rail, river and air:

123m passengers through Liverpool Street each year, (London’s 3rd largest station)

3m passengers through City Airport each year

more than 2m visitors arrive annually to see St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London etc

The area is dissected and bound by major roads and the industrial flow of the Thames. Traditionally a home for commerce and industry it contains both an historic royal palace and some of the most densely occupied estates in the country, major business centres and the moribund wastelands of the London Docks and Lower Lea Valley.  Three of the four boroughs are ‘Olympic Boroughs’. The main site for the 2012 games is under construction in Newham.

National indices of deprivation (1 = worst level of deprivation, 352 = least deprived)

 Hackney 1 (Easington = 2)

Newham 3 (Liverpool = 4)

Tower Hamlets 5 (Islington = 6)

City 275 (Isles of Scilly = 352)


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