Street Signs submission details

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Street Signs Magazine

DEADLINE: 30th April 2010

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to

Street Signs is the magazine for the Centre for Urban and Community Research (CUCR) and is a forum for exploring the cultural life of our own cities and others through writing and photography. We are looking for contributions of a whole range of different writing from the serious and academic to more creative and fictional pieces. This is not a peer review academic journal, instead it could be the place to play with an idea that came out of a research project but that doesn’t neatly fit, or to experiment with other ways of writing.

We need:

1. Reviews of exhibitions/books/films [500-1000 words]

2. Creative writing

3. Photo essays / with text  [up to 10 images, we’ll usually use between 2-6] 

4. Essays – though no coursework please [up to 2000 words]

5. Collaborations between writers and photographers.

6. Short pieces / photographs – We are introducing a new section called ‘Fragments’ for very short pieces [500 words maximum] or photos that capture fragments of urban life in various cities.

7. Something totally different to any of the above.


Photographs should be black and white, and sent as high res jpeg files (300dpi, and minimum of 7cm wide).

Please use the following referencing system:

* Quotations should be placed within single quotation marks. 

* Names of books, films and organisations should be italicised.

 * If used contributors should use endnotes rather than references within the text (see below). 


The World Book Encyclopedia defines Taboo as ‘an action, object, person, or place forbidden by law or culture’(1). An encyclopedia of the occult points out that taboo is found among many other cultures including the ancient Egyptians, Jews and others (2). Mary Douglas has analyzed the many facets and interpretations of taboos across various cultures. She points out that the word ‘taboo’ originates from the Polynesian languages meaning a religious restriction (3). She finds that ‘taboos flow from social boundaries and support the social structure.’

(1) Alan Dundes, ‘Taboo’ World Book Encyclopedia. 2000 ed.

(2) “Taboo,” Occultopedia: Encyclopedia of Occult Sciences and Knowledge,
 Site created and designed by Marcus V. Gay, 18 Jan. 2005 <>.

(3) Douglas, Mary ‘Taboo’, Man, Myth & Magic, ed. Richard Cavendish, new ed., 21 vols., New York: Cavendish, 1994,  2546.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Britt Hatzius 

Emma Jackson

Submissions and enquiries should be sent to



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