Limehouse Detour April 18 2010

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Some of the reasons we paint, print, sculpt, make exhibitions/ installations in, around & photograph:

the created environment, communities, cities, villages and their components include:

Proust experienced something like dying on seeing Vermeer’s ‘View of Delft.’ He also wrote of “measuring with the eye the place we occupy in space.’

Barthes’ photograph of his mother tells him he will die ‘Every photograph is this catastrophe’

‘The photograph justifies the desire even if it does not satisfy it”

Nabokov noted how our unsophisticated cameras ‘record in their own way our hastily assembled and painted world’

Walter Benjamin bemoaned how the most perfect reproduction lacks presence in time and space and the unique existence where it happens to be.

Robert Smithson: defined the zero panorama that seems to contain ruins in reverse; they do not fall into ruin, but rather rise into ruin before being built.

Jeremiah Sheehan, US Architect and UK architectural historian & designer [the V&A Pugin exhibition] was taught by his father, who had little feeling for architecture, to search St. Louis for ‘ghosts’ those fittings, fragments, ruins even paint that all reveal earlier presence.

Brian Daubney & Jenny Dawes 2010

The Crossing Lines Detour: Sunday 18th. April: 10.30 pm: Limehouse DLR Station

Everyone does as they wish:  support if wanted or if lost:  Brian’s mobile is 078 1144 7752

The Stroll, [about 90 minute or more]  From the Station round the Basin

Basin: Coal, Steel, Ice Wood Food Chemical Imports for London/  England

Limehouse Cut built to speed gunpowder and corn to London

St Anne’s Church 1 of 5 Hawksmoor Churches celebrating Marlborough’s Wars

Regents Canal London’s 1st ring road, path to 2,500 miles of canal industrial revolution

Stephenson’s Viaduct and worlds 1st electronically controlled cable railway

Accumulator Tower 1860 London’s 1st hydraulic power station

Narrow Street The Grapes, Dickens, Attlee, Barnado, Morris, Nicholas II, Pepys etc.

Ropemakers Fields over Limehouse Link Tunnel, Dunbar Wharf, Chinese links, Whistler, Turner

All on top of Limehouse Link: The world’s most expensive road under the basin

Detours: [ up to 2hours or more ]

South: Dunbar – Canary Wharf – Isle of Dogs – Manchester Rd – Gt Eastern – Mudchute Farm, Greenwich Foot Tunnel DLR north or south

East: Dunbar -Canary Wharf – Docklands Mus. Warehouses Poplar – Trinity Wharf –  Excel – Barrier Park – City Airport {DLR

North East: thro Ropemakers Fields to St Annes – Limehouse Cut –to Bow Locks- Three Mills 1776 House Mill /Stratford Olympic site

North: Regents Canal – Ragged School Museum – Mile End Park -Bridge/ – Queen Mary Uni – Portuguese Cemetery[behind Law] – canal to Victoria/Regents Park

North West: Branch Road by station – Commercial Road to Yorkshire Rd – L. Salmon Lane, Ropeworks- Three Colt St – tiny church yard- St Dunstans – Stepney Green – London Hospital  Whitechapel- Gallery [tube]. 

West: Limehouse station straight on – cement Works – tunnels -River Highway or Cable Street  – Free Trade Wharf- Shadwell Park & Basin Wapping Project –    Canal St Katharines- The Tower  {DLR or Tube]

Given that we are likely to be dispersing along different routes, a final meeting may not be possible for everyone

But from 2.15 onwards  some of us will be at the Wapping Project by Shadwell Basin

Opposite the Prospect of Whitby, it is a former power station, eatery,  gallery.

All the best,   Brian  <>

Google map: Limehouse East London

British Waterways Limehouse has all the stock shots and maps to the Olympics

Limehouse is part of Tower Hamlets and the detour pack included some details on the Borough from the 2008 GLA Social Trends Survey:

The 2001 Census population for Tower Hamlets (TH) was 196,106.

TH population grew by 17.9% between 1991-2001 and a further 7.07% 2001-2007.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) mid-2007 population estimate was 215, 300

GLA estimates that by 2016, population will be nearly 300,000

Tower Hamlets has the largest percentage of 20-34 year olds in the country.

57% are 15-44 year olds compared with 41.5% for the country as a whole.

9% of the population are over 65 compared to 16% across the UK.

Over 50% of the population is non-White British of whom 33% are Bangladeshi..

Residents’ average incomes are within both the top and bottom 12.5% in the country.

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  • Jon May says:

    Will any of the photographic results of this detour be posted? My impression was that quite a variety of agendas were being pursued.

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