Elephant and Castle part 4: archive

January 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Archive is:

• a collection of ideas for projects
• a collection of photographs that invite further investigations
• a subconscious click & a sentence
• a sentence awaiting a question
• a description of a photograph that hasn’t been taken
• a text photograph
• a photograph of a text
• a photograph of a sketch
• a notebook
• a sketchbook
• a someday-maybe idea

Why have an archive?

• a repository of ideas that are suggested by an encounter on a detour but which someday-maybe will become a full-on project but which probably won’t but which is represented by a single/series of photograph(s) or by a text picture that fully encapsulates the idea & acknowledges the observation
• a repository of detours that acknowledge a history
• a repository of detours that document a dynamic
• a repository of spaces awaiting an event
• a repository of spaces that stage an event & record its evolution

What merits inclusion?

• the item warrants investigation
• the item probably will not be further investigated
• the item has the merit of being worthy of a description for a project deserving of funding which will never arrive
• the item has the quality of satisfying the depositor by virtue of having been deposited
• the item fulfils the need of having to process a snatch of an idea by an action


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