Canary Wharf ‘detour’

March 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Like English life as a whole, nothing in Brooklands could be taken at face value.

JG Ballard, Kingdom Come

There still is life, however.  Birds chirp; sparrows, they must be.  Their small voices are clear and sharp, nails on glass: there’s no longer any sound of traffic to drown them out.

Margaret Atwood, The Year of the Flood

On a cold evening in early March, Claire Haslam, Alex McIlhiney and Christian von Wissel took a photographic walk around Canary Wharf, variously equipped with equipment, gloves and ideas.

These are some initial impressions, without an explicit agenda but trying (unsuccessfully?) not to take the ‘usual’ picture of Canary Wharf, and thinking about the strange fairytale park in the heart of the glass desert.


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