Poundbury Village: Urban space and Lived space.

April 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve always been interested in the dynamics between Poundbury residents and those of Dorchester, Dorset.  One steeped in its Roman history the other attempting to create an instant site of fake history in emulating a traditional Dorset village.  Those that choose to live amidst the new builds do so as a compliant offering of their personal lives. Those that work there appear to have a dissimilar compliance as they are utilizing opportunities purely for financial gain.

Poundbury is built as a museum with its rules and codes of design; A dream village – a new urban vision of Prince Charles’s. Its new builds hold visual characteristics organised to emulate a quintessential British rural village. I would assume that those who choose to reside here are compliant parties to the museum’s functioning, as at least initially they accept these codes in order to settle in the area. Living within a prefabricated community, akin to stage sets I aim to question how the residents have changed or will alter the prescriptive character of the area; will they modify it by their individual values and behaviour?

I am examining how their individuality can be imprinted upon the geographical space that is ‘Poundbury’ and whether in the long term it will be a space formed by the often intransigent values of individuals or will order be maintained by what is often regarded as the big brother ethics of the Duchy. These images captured at twilight hint at the lived space of individuals resonating with their own identities, but also illustrate the uncanny feeling of the Duchy always watching over the residents; maintaining the prescriptive order.


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