May meeting

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Crossing Lines: Wednesday 4th May: New Academic Building: Room 3.14: 6-8pm

Hugh Look will be presenting work from Life Among the Dead considering the cemetery as a public space. He will also be asking for feedback on Europaville: a rational anonymity juxtaposed with photographs from the New Jersey suburbs. Hugh writes: “The link with the cemeteries project is that these are also in part reflections on public and private space and (covertly) the starting point for a wider-ranging consideration of the ethics of street photography.”

Claire Haslam writes: “I am continually trying to find ways ‘beyond’ the photograph, frustrated by its monolithic, problematic claim to ‘capture’ ‘reality’. Current experiments are in combining images in order to think about how they modify each other and offer the possibility of multiplying, rather than fixing, meaning.  I also continue to look for ways to incorporate words into the image.”

Nick Scammell will be showing further work-in-progress from the billboards project. Nick writes: “This project seeks to explore what happens when images of the ignored, forgotten or unlikely are placed into new public contexts; the visual half of a year-long photo-poetic project focused on half a dozen areas of transition within London. My aim is to produce a series of photographs and a cycle of poems responding to these changing areas – exploring the mystery of resonance, interrogating the passing for the enduring and tracing the hazy line between reality and imagination that the combination of single and composite images can illustrate.” Poetry included.

Tony Othen has very generously offered us the exhibition space at Linear House Gallery in Greenwich. We now have two dates available & we can take time this evening to open a discussion on how to best use these opportunities.


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