August meetup

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Crossing Lines: Wednesday 3rd August: New Academic Building: Room 3.14: 6-8pm

There will be a brief moment of self-congratulation for Elephant in a Room at Linear House Gallery which closes this coming Sunday; thence to the following:

Judith Jones
will be showcasing a new series entitled Disjointed Symphony. She writes: “I am aiming to visually capture the metropolis that is London-reducing it to a seemingly mythological recreation of structures that appear unreal within a reality.”

Amy King will be presenting for the first time. She has been documenting the final days of the Ferrier Estate. Amy writes of the moment “when social housing comes to the end of its life and the defiance of a few (and the conditions they are left to live with). According to the Rat and Mouse website there are apparently 23 homeowners and three tenants left, living amongst derelict tower blocks, sheet metal, filth and darkness.”

Krystina Stimakovits will be making a welcome return to CL with recent Havana scapes & the built fabric.

Marco Caterini
writes: “Industrial Estates is a series of works that try to aestheticise power stations looking at it in relation to the surrounding environment and at its level of adaptation to the natural landscape. It also aims to be a moment of contemplation and reflection over these objects and the problems they pose for sustainable development.”

A nod to the next CL exhibition in mid-October will be made; a possible CL response to the non-show of This Is Not A Gateway will be aired.

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