February meetup call-out

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Crossing Lines: February meetup:New Academic Building: room 3.26: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 1st February 2012: call out

Please mail me if you’d like to book a slot for the February meetup. [john.levett@gmail.com]

As always, please consider the Crossing Lines meetup as an opportunity to float an new idea that you feel doesn’t fit into the customary outlets; anything that might promote a collaboration; anything arising from previous meetups that has edged towards fresh insights or simply new questions.

A one or two sentence summary that I can use in the mailout & on the CUCR site would be appreciated.

All contributions carry equal appreciation. If you’re unsure whether anything will fit the format of the evening then it’s possibly the sort of idea that will!

We will shortly be starting a fresh group project derived from the discussion docs that Michael Rodgers & Nick Scammell presented at the end of 2011.

Nick has prepared the following intro to the Project which will kick-off in February:

Memorial – If one considers non-places in terms of the ignored place, the nothing-place, the vacuum, and then considers memorials as meaningful, significant places, then we have an opposition. It would be a challenge to photograph the meaningful in the city. Memorial is a good word, and of course applies to much more than statues of men on horses.

– Who decides where meaning lies?
– Who decides how it is represented?
– Must memorial be collective and public?
– Can it be private and personal? Is this a source of tension?
– Must memorial be physical? Must it be permanent?
– To what extent must a memorial be a place?

We have the room booked from 5 p.m. so if anyone wants to come along for an informal pre-meet then please mail me.

The full programme for the evening will be published next week.


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