Crossing Lines March meetup

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Crossing Lines: March meetup: New Academic Building Room 3.26: 6 – 8 pm: Wednesday 7th March 2012

Here is the lineup for the March meetup of Crossing Lines:

Johannes Rigal writes that he “will elaborate further on completed work around non-sites & places as well as present findings, thoughts & ideas as an extension to his own “working concept”. Integrating his own photographic & theoretical work as well as the work of other artists, this will serve as an addition to previous discussions within Crossing Lines as well as an input for further discussions and for consideration for the artists & participants of the CL group.”

Nick Scammell will be contrasting W.N. Herbert’s fine poem, Breakfrost, with one of his own, which owes its genesis to it. The former proposes the idea of medieval photographs while the latter meditates on carrier bags as contemporary presiding spirits of place.

The work of Michael Frank will also be in presentation.

Mick writes: 1) I started a project in Milan (my home town) about spirituality and more specific about the habit to adorn lamp-posts, traffic lights and curbs where some mortal traffic accident happened. A specific ‘non-place’ has been transformed in a simulacrum of an altar; a worship place where no gathering let alone spirituality was intended to happen.

2) In London I started a project on empty buildings that are due to be demolished. Stripped from all their meaning within (office/living/retail) do they still have the function they intended to or do they become ‘non-places’? To make a comparison, is a broken umbrella still an umbrella even if it doesn’t fulfil the task it was intended to?

3) During a Magnum workshop I started a project on shopping malls and more specifically on how we interact with those spaces. I took a series of pictures in the waiting area which was provided with a couch and other seating solutions. Again it is an investigation on how we perceive ‘non-places’ and how we appropriate them in a certain sense. People gather there just to hang around, in the wintertime to stay dry and warm, in the summer time to stay cold or just to gather up with mates.


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