June Meetup

May 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

June meetup: New Academic Building: room 3.14: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 6th June 2012

Please note change of room for our June meeting

Here is the lineup for the June meetup of Crossing Lines:

Sabes Sugunasabesan will be returning with his current portfolio of work on his on-going King’s Cross project and is seeking a group curation.

Hugh Look will be presenting a sequence of  photographs of London commuters that takes as its
starting-point a passage from a letter. The work is accompanied by a soundtrack. Hugh views this work as a prototype for future work; responses to this new piece are welcomed.

Claire Reddleman writes: “Pennine Street 2012 is a cartographic-walking art experiment, twinning High Street 2012 (running between Aldgate and Stratford) with the Pennine Way, a long-distance footpath in the Peak District.  Two of three walks have taken place, using the Pennine Way guidebook as a guide and reading and hearing a variety of texts on the way.  I’m interested in people’s impressions of the project so far and thoughts for the third walk.”

David Killeen makes a welcome return with a new project,  ‘To You I Follow’. He writes: “This series is inspired by a journey taken by a British couple around Switzerland in 1935. Their accompanying photo album catalogues every stage of their trip whilst they toured different parts of the country. Each photograph is dated when and where it was taken and also includes a map of the route they took.

Having come across the album in spring of 2008, I found myself entranced by the nature of the relationship between the images and the map. With this in mind, I set about recreating their journey almost 75 years after they had set about their own. The purpose of the trip was to return to the specific areas they had visited and photograph each site on the same day the original images were taken three quarters of a century later.

The underlying theme of this series is the legitimacy of the image in explaining the factual information that we experience through a visual medium. I found myself preoccupied with the difference between what an image factually portrays and what it can represent. This changeable relationship is the fundamental concept that this work is highlighting. The piece evolves beyond the exercise of comparing before and after which can be seen in the first instance. The process of retracing these steps leads to various permutations of historical, sociological and environmental aspects. Retracing the steps of the couple goes far beyond what the camera can capture to transcend into an even greater consciousness what initially can be seen on the surface.”

Hope that we’ll see you there; hope that you’ll be part of the discussion.


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