Crossing Lines Group: The Autumn Exhibition

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition: The Greenwich Gallery @ Linear House: Monday October 1st to Sunday October 14th

The curation, by Michael Rodgers and Nick Scammell, of for Crossing Lines Summer Exhibition in July is in process.

The Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition is introduced below & participation invited. The curation will be led by Johannes Rigal with the assistance of John Levett.

John Levett will present an extended introduction to the theme of this exhibition at the July meetup of the Crossing Lines Group.

This from Johannes Rigal:

“Home” – A collaborative exhibition by the Crossing Lines Group

For the Crossing Lines October Exhibition I want to propose two things: a theme and a curatorial outline.

I want to present the following framework, additional information will follow.

The main idea of the exhibition is to create a full collaboration among the Crossing Lines group and – through this – to create a
new approach to curating a group exhibition.

What will be presented in the final exhibition is merely not a show of several individual’s bodies of work but rather a full collaboration that will show a concise body of work created together.

As I propose “Home” as the main theme and title of the show, what I want to try is to alter the familiar concept of the “white cube” exhibition space and make it a “personalized space” – in the sense that the group acts as one.

“Home” can mean different things to different people. To achieve a complete body of work around this subject, there will be several “impulses” over the summer that hopefully will engage the group’s individual artists in the subject and will also serve as a framework for the overall achievement: the October exhibition.

A further aim of these impulses is to provoke reactions – responses from a temporal and spatial distance. What could result from this is a creative process and also a dialog or communication among the group.

For the exhibition, I would like to explore the possibility of presenting works by different artists as one collective achievement, without the individuals name tags, artist’s statements, etc…

I am interested to investigate what “group exhibition”, “collaboration”, “collective” and “home” mean and how these ideas and concepts can be presented in the gallery space.  The Crossing LInes participants, artists and members have proven on several occasion their artistic abilities and creative energies. The result of ultimately and truly combining these will be an astonishing body of work. I hope that the Group is up for going along on this journey.

Johannes Rigal


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