July Meetup

June 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Crossing Lines: July meetup: New Academic Building: room 3.26: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 4th July 2012

Here is the lineup for the July meetup of Crossing Lines:

Cliff Davison will be briefly back in London & encouraging a collaboration with the Crossing Lines Group. Cliff writes:  “The Toronto Urban Photography Festival seeks to deconstruct and reconstruct new formulations of contemporary urban landscapes through the practice of photography. Critically examining what constitutes the urban through a visual framework TUPF aims to engage photographic practitioners and critical theorists in dialogue surrounding the imaginings of the urban as well as the importance of visualizing the urban as part of daily human fabric.” TUPF is here [http://tupf.ca/]

Nick Scammell who is jointly curating the Summer Memorial exhibition at The Greenwich Gallery with Michael Rodgers will be present to update where we are with the project, what’s to come, answer any participants’ questions & respond to current preparatory work.

Benedetta Pomini will be presenting for the first time at Crossing Lines & writes: “Mombello is a series that I took last year in a nowadays closed mental hospital just nearby Milan. Independently from the sensual desolation of the place that definitely seduced me while I was there, what has actually guided me in taking those pictures was something strictly connected with a more deep and scary kind of decadence, the one of care. Firmly convinced by the fact that places are what they are just because of the people who live in there (otherwise they become just non-places), Mombello would like to be a concrete example of the rooted process of both physical and cultural state of neglect diffused all around my country. Strong colors and shadows, light and darkness, life and death, emptiness and signs of presences are mixed into my pictures as components of a common ground, as rings of an unique chain, as symbols of the dense texture which characterize the controversial relation between people and their living spaces.”

Alex McIlhiney makes a welcome return with recent work showing a series of images of the City and the deserted industrial river front taken during the recent royal jolly.

John Levett will make a presentation of the ideas relating to curation & collaboration contained within the Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition Home.

Hope that we’ll see you there; hope that you’ll be part of the discussion.


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