September meetup

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Crossing Lines: September meetup: New Academic Building: room 3.26: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 5th September 2012

Here is the lineup for the September meetup of Crossing Lines:

Michael Rodgers & Nick Scammell will update the group on preparations for their participation in the [Toronto Urban Photography Festival] to which Cliff Davidson introduced us earlier this year. An invitation to contribute to the festival will be forthcoming.

Hugh Look has been building a new work entitled Having Eaten. He seeks feedback & will be getting it. A taster to be found here [].

Judith Jones will be making a welcome return to contribute to the discussion on the current Home project.

John Levett will update the group on the Home blog, offer a response to Johannes Rigal‘s most recent Incentives & seek to encourage thoughts on possible directions for the forthcoming exhibition & workshop.

The Home weblog is here: []

Hope that we’ll see you there; hope that you’ll be part of the discussion.


July Meetup

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Crossing Lines: July meetup: New Academic Building: room 3.26: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 4th July 2012

Here is the lineup for the July meetup of Crossing Lines:

Cliff Davison will be briefly back in London & encouraging a collaboration with the Crossing Lines Group. Cliff writes:  “The Toronto Urban Photography Festival seeks to deconstruct and reconstruct new formulations of contemporary urban landscapes through the practice of photography. Critically examining what constitutes the urban through a visual framework TUPF aims to engage photographic practitioners and critical theorists in dialogue surrounding the imaginings of the urban as well as the importance of visualizing the urban as part of daily human fabric.” TUPF is here []

Nick Scammell who is jointly curating the Summer Memorial exhibition at The Greenwich Gallery with Michael Rodgers will be present to update where we are with the project, what’s to come, answer any participants’ questions & respond to current preparatory work.

Benedetta Pomini will be presenting for the first time at Crossing Lines & writes: “Mombello is a series that I took last year in a nowadays closed mental hospital just nearby Milan. Independently from the sensual desolation of the place that definitely seduced me while I was there, what has actually guided me in taking those pictures was something strictly connected with a more deep and scary kind of decadence, the one of care. Firmly convinced by the fact that places are what they are just because of the people who live in there (otherwise they become just non-places), Mombello would like to be a concrete example of the rooted process of both physical and cultural state of neglect diffused all around my country. Strong colors and shadows, light and darkness, life and death, emptiness and signs of presences are mixed into my pictures as components of a common ground, as rings of an unique chain, as symbols of the dense texture which characterize the controversial relation between people and their living spaces.”

Alex McIlhiney makes a welcome return with recent work showing a series of images of the City and the deserted industrial river front taken during the recent royal jolly.

John Levett will make a presentation of the ideas relating to curation & collaboration contained within the Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition Home.

Hope that we’ll see you there; hope that you’ll be part of the discussion.

Crossing Lines Group: The Autumn Exhibition

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The Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition: The Greenwich Gallery @ Linear House: Monday October 1st to Sunday October 14th

The curation, by Michael Rodgers and Nick Scammell, of for Crossing Lines Summer Exhibition in July is in process.

The Crossing Lines Autumn Exhibition is introduced below & participation invited. The curation will be led by Johannes Rigal with the assistance of John Levett.

John Levett will present an extended introduction to the theme of this exhibition at the July meetup of the Crossing Lines Group.

This from Johannes Rigal:

“Home” – A collaborative exhibition by the Crossing Lines Group

For the Crossing Lines October Exhibition I want to propose two things: a theme and a curatorial outline.

I want to present the following framework, additional information will follow.

The main idea of the exhibition is to create a full collaboration among the Crossing Lines group and – through this – to create a
new approach to curating a group exhibition.

What will be presented in the final exhibition is merely not a show of several individual’s bodies of work but rather a full collaboration that will show a concise body of work created together.

As I propose “Home” as the main theme and title of the show, what I want to try is to alter the familiar concept of the “white cube” exhibition space and make it a “personalized space” – in the sense that the group acts as one.

“Home” can mean different things to different people. To achieve a complete body of work around this subject, there will be several “impulses” over the summer that hopefully will engage the group’s individual artists in the subject and will also serve as a framework for the overall achievement: the October exhibition.

A further aim of these impulses is to provoke reactions – responses from a temporal and spatial distance. What could result from this is a creative process and also a dialog or communication among the group.

For the exhibition, I would like to explore the possibility of presenting works by different artists as one collective achievement, without the individuals name tags, artist’s statements, etc…

I am interested to investigate what “group exhibition”, “collaboration”, “collective” and “home” mean and how these ideas and concepts can be presented in the gallery space.  The Crossing LInes participants, artists and members have proven on several occasion their artistic abilities and creative energies. The result of ultimately and truly combining these will be an astonishing body of work. I hope that the Group is up for going along on this journey.

Johannes Rigal

June Meetup

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June meetup: New Academic Building: room 3.14: 6 – 8 p.m.: Wednesday 6th June 2012

Please note change of room for our June meeting

Here is the lineup for the June meetup of Crossing Lines:

Sabes Sugunasabesan will be returning with his current portfolio of work on his on-going King’s Cross project and is seeking a group curation.

Hugh Look will be presenting a sequence of  photographs of London commuters that takes as its
starting-point a passage from a letter. The work is accompanied by a soundtrack. Hugh views this work as a prototype for future work; responses to this new piece are welcomed.

Claire Reddleman writes: “Pennine Street 2012 is a cartographic-walking art experiment, twinning High Street 2012 (running between Aldgate and Stratford) with the Pennine Way, a long-distance footpath in the Peak District.  Two of three walks have taken place, using the Pennine Way guidebook as a guide and reading and hearing a variety of texts on the way.  I’m interested in people’s impressions of the project so far and thoughts for the third walk.”

David Killeen makes a welcome return with a new project,  ‘To You I Follow’. He writes: “This series is inspired by a journey taken by a British couple around Switzerland in 1935. Their accompanying photo album catalogues every stage of their trip whilst they toured different parts of the country. Each photograph is dated when and where it was taken and also includes a map of the route they took.

Having come across the album in spring of 2008, I found myself entranced by the nature of the relationship between the images and the map. With this in mind, I set about recreating their journey almost 75 years after they had set about their own. The purpose of the trip was to return to the specific areas they had visited and photograph each site on the same day the original images were taken three quarters of a century later.

The underlying theme of this series is the legitimacy of the image in explaining the factual information that we experience through a visual medium. I found myself preoccupied with the difference between what an image factually portrays and what it can represent. This changeable relationship is the fundamental concept that this work is highlighting. The piece evolves beyond the exercise of comparing before and after which can be seen in the first instance. The process of retracing these steps leads to various permutations of historical, sociological and environmental aspects. Retracing the steps of the couple goes far beyond what the camera can capture to transcend into an even greater consciousness what initially can be seen on the surface.”

Hope that we’ll see you there; hope that you’ll be part of the discussion.

Crossing Lines May Meetup

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Goldsmiths: New Academic Building Room 3.26: 6 – 8 pm: Wednesday 2nd May 2012

Here is the lineup for the May meetup of Crossing Lines:

Len Salem will be presenting recently published work — A Train Journey in Winter.

Sabes Sugunasabesan has been working in the Kings Cross area along with much of the labouring population of the capital and will be sharing his thoughts on the direction of this project. He will be seeking feedback from the group on its current state and possible directions.

Michael Rodgers and Nick Scammell will be jointly curating the first of this year’s Crossing Lines exhibitions. The theme will be Memorial. Michael and Nick will be unveiling their initial thoughts on the word, the implication, the concept, the rationale.

The first of Claire Reddleman’s Pennine Street Trespasses took place last Tuesday. John Levett will show the cluster of images he made along the route and will invite speculation upon what they represent regarding their relation to the trespass, to history and to inner states.

Crossing Line: April Meetup

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Crossing Lines: April meetup: New Academic Building Room 3.26: 6 – 8 pm: Wednesday 4th April 2012

Here is the lineup for the March meetup of Crossing Lines:

Simon Head writes: “Some of my recent work explores the idea of a conceptual interface between 3D and 2D. 3D subject and the 2D printed photograph. Photographs of structures taken from both the front and the side – these two perspectives presented as a diptych – relating directly to the conventions of mechanical drawing – photographic information in an isometric composition.”

Judith Jones subject will be derived from her current Ph.D. work: The Urban Village Concept: Using Poundbury, Dorset as a case study for research.

Alex McIlhiney writes: “Following my visit to the gHost seminars I will present some sketchy ideas of who may become the ghosts of tomorrow. This includes promising young footballers and former eastenders actresses. I will also have an update on the Canary Wharf project and my plan to take a psychic around the site to gather their ‘impressions’.”

Claire Reddleman writes: “I’m working on some sketches for a series, looking at excising text (and possibly all sorts of deliberate signs) from images of a journey through a street.  This is proving more complicated than expected and pushing me to think about how photographing differs from perceiving – in that the way I conceived this idea is proving very difficult to realise; it seems that I notice things around me in a way that is very different to how they can appear in a photograph.”

More too on Claire’s ‘Oppositional High Street 2012’ detour that counters the hegemonic triumphalist narrative of High Street 2012

Michael Rodgers will be presenting his sketchbooks of current M.A work dealing with the study of figures in urban space and imaginative layering over the scene.

Len Salem will be presenting recently published work—‘A Train Journey in Winter’.


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Nick Scammell contrasts W.N. Herbert’s poem, Breakfrost, with one of his own, which owes its genesis to it. The former proposes the idea of medieval photographs while the latter meditates on carrier bags as contemporary presiding spirits of place.


The frost is touching everything before the sun:
each blade has a pencil nudity that makes
the yolk-like orange seem already old,
each flatness reached, brick-like,
as though all cold was urban.
Sheep crunch its windscreen splinters,
horses’ heads are glued to it down the blue
flanks of shade. Each leaf is a sucrose flake.
Its intimacy is more exhausting than light.

Morning’s sepia, like medieval photographs,
has to fight its way through each scattered grain.
And hollows will persist, like patches left
by the Dark Age bulks of giant sleeping saints,
since Christianity was like a glacier.

Each shadow stuck to it like a tongue
is long and brittle. Everything is biscuit,
feather, spit, viscous, barded, as though
the land was bait for light, hooking it
and holding it close, gutting the photons
for their kernels of warmth.



Here’s a crisp orange flake
glued large to the grass
and another,
a ragged throwaway sun
hitched to a treetop,
the future concealed
in its twitches and shifts,
lord high protector
and ground-bound guardian of locality –
twin presidents,
And the quiet breathing
of those lost souls
on silent roads:
Nameless travellers,
unbranded spirits,
jellyfish, dancers,
spirits borne high,
chasing their tails,
and spun low,
Placid, Taciturn drifters,
anonymous breeze-riders, gulping,
Trying to contain and keep
The wind that is the city,
Being ceaselessly filled and emptied,
Blown inside out and right side in,
Spinning over and over,
Skating, skuttering, skipping,
Chasing then chased,
Never landing for long
never still when watched.
A ducking and diving
Dallying, twirling
Symbol of freedom
Grubby, white, fishy,
Idling at the crossroads
Defiant of red lights
And waiting cars
Then driven to full sail as wheels roll
barrelling up the road
In the swish between 2 lanes
Before ducking suddenly
Behind a high white wall.
Later found stuck to a wet pavement,
shivering, glistening, only
a dead leaf for a friend
as the sky darkens.