Ingrid Newton – collage of Memorial images

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Posting this on behalf of Ingrid, who used her time in the gallery well!

Thanks to everyone who took part.



Memorial Exhibition Photos

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Memorial Exhibition – Sample Images

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Here are some sample images from the forthcoming Memorial exhibition at the Greenwich Gallery.  Click on a thumbnail for larger image.
E-flyer and more details in the previous post below.  Enjoy!

Exhibition – Memorial

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Latest Crossing Lines exhibition opens 23 July. Let everybody know.

Exhibition – Memorial

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Latest Crossing Lines exhibition opens 23 July. Let everybody know.

Memory Elephant

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Billed as: “work-in-progress towards the forthcoming Elephant & Castle exhibition. This currently consists of a scattering of coloured recollections past, present, and future.”  I showed some piles of photographs that I will always remember as taken around the E&C, whether it be a drainpipe, or a restaurant chandelier.

Some pictures have another layer.  I remember taking this picture between Crampton Street and Hampton Street when my friend Anna phoned me one day.  She was living in Japan, so I was surprised to get a call from her in Leeds.

others just remind me obliquely of particular times, like when they made my cycle route a Cycle Superhighway, turning the green lane blue.

Much of what I’m working on right now is trying to combine memory with the photograph, accepting that I don’t have photos of everything, and I can’t remember everything either.  I remember that this pathway behind the Tabernacle:

used to have a large brick building along it.  All I can really remember is that it was large, probably Victorian, and had pale green fencing.

I know this because of the few photos I have.

A lot of this is trying to deal with development in the area, how you can lose your memory of what was there pretty quickly.  You see somethng new and always regard it as new, but sometimes it’s hard to picture in great details how it used to look, because the new things have imposed themselves in your vision.  That’s one of the reasons I chose oil pastel for working on the pictures, as it’s very low on detail and high on impression.

This is all work toward the Crossing Lines E&C show in July.


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